Powerful and user-friendly software to manage our feeding systems, saving historical information of dosing activity and controlling traceability of fish and feed

Introduce Company and fish farm´s name. Specie, Alimentation Plan, Distribution Plan, FCR Plan, Temperatura and percentage of feed to use in each silo, are data that software will use by default when you add tanks. Buttons in down area are to configurate technical parameters during installation


See activity feeding system, capacity silos, alerts, alarms and software messages


Edit draw of fish farm with tanks in text and graphic mode


Introduce species to use with feeding system and create lots to follow traceability


Introduce types of feed to use in silos and create lots to follow traceability


Introduce tanks with name assigned. Feeding machine associated and number of hose should be configured during feeder installation
In drop-down list you shall indicate if tank will be fed (green), if temporaly deactivated (orange) or without fishes (red). Software only generates program alimentation of tanks in ON (green)
Associate this tank with a ALIMENTATION TABLE, DISTRIBUTION TABLE and FCR TABLE to use in alimentation plan
Number of fishes and weight average are necessary to calculate biomass. Depending on ALIMENTATON TABLE program will calculate total dose to deliver per day. Use percentage to increase or decrease this value in next alimentation plan
Indicate to feeder what percentage of feed shall deliver of each silo (default 100%)
In the rigth side you can see as your doses will be processed by feeding system


ALIMENTATION TABLE: Introduce, depending on fish size and temperature, percentage of feed in accordance with tank biomass to deliver in a day. Some versions use SGR formula to calculate the quantity instead of this table

DISTRIBUTION TABLE: Introduce percentage of feed to deliver per each hour and minute in a day

FCR TABLE: Introduce, depending on fish size and temperature, percentage of biomass to increase in tank after feeding depending on doses delivered. Some versions use SGR formula to calculate the quantity instead of this table


Click on Alimentation Plan button to send doses of the tanks in ON (green colour) according to DISTRIBUTION TABLE to the feeding system


Create Protocols of alimentation for different species (only for hatchery feeder)


See summary and detail of dosing activity


Reports of dosing (can be exported to Exce File)