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22 October 2021by

The New Fish Farm Feeder’s Headquarters

Fish Farm Feeder has recently moved to new and modern offices located closer to the current production and manufacturing facilities in O Porriño (Pontevedra). A broader space for the Commercial, Administration, Development and Software Departments.

With more than 10 years presence in the aquaculture market and with a growing demand for centralized feeding systems for fish and shrimp, we continue to grow in resources and infrastructure. Better location and more working space should guarantee and maintain a good service to our clients – existing and potential – in Europe, Asia and America. We hope that the new facilities will contribute to adequately serve our growing client portfolio.

Sala de reuniones Fish Farm Feeder

Meeting room

A new and spacious meeting room allows comfortable person-to-person meetings with our clients and collaborators.

The technical equipment that we have installed improves the virtual connection and communication with colleagues from the aquaculture sector.

More Professionals in Our Team

We believe that the most important thing in a company are its workers. Learn who works within our team.

Professionals who dedicate their time to deliver the product in high quality, providing a good service before, during and after buying automated feeders for aquaculture.

Exhibiting at More Aquaculture Fairs

After the break of face-to-face events in 2019 and 2020, professional fairs in the aquaculture sector are gradually recovering.

As we wish to be as close as possible to our customers, we broadened our presence at international fairs. To the fairs at which we use to exhibit for years, in 2021 we added the fair in Iceland, South Korea and Egypt.

New Products Design and Development

We understand that a company must be permanently adapting to the needs of the sector in which it operates. For this reason, since the birth of Fish Farm Feeder, we have been committed to collaboration, both with other private companies in the aquaculture sector and with national and international research centers.

Based on that today we can offer products such as live feed feeders or mini barges.

Oficinas Fish Farm Feeder

Fish Farm Feeder Offices

By offering customized feeding systems, in other words reflecting the fish and shrimp feeding needs of each farm, we are also upgrading our own technical features by incorporating new elements into our machines – such as the possibility of increasing the number of doses with double-shot automated feeding systems.

Other new products are in development. Wishing to share with you information about them shortly. If you are interested in receiving FFF novelties via email, you can send us an email through our contact page.

Fish Farm Feeder is the only global manufacturer of automated feeding systems for all stages of fish life cycle, on land, lakes or at sea.
Learn about our products and their benefits for your aquaculture farm!

Founded in 2008, we manufacture only feeding systems for Aquaculture, feeding all stages of the life of the fish and/or shrimp.


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