Successfull Implementation of SAP Business One and Power BI software

15 March 2020by administrator

At FishFarmFeeder we have just implemented SAP Business One as Management Software to optimize our Sales, Purchasing, Stock Control, Manufacturing, reporting and Integration processes with Office365, which is contributing since its start-up to an improvement in our productivity, allowing us to have information instantly

Implementation of SAP B1 in FFF

The multinational Grupo Seidor, a technology consulting firm with an international presence specialized in SAP B1, has been the company we trust for its integration, which recently concluded successfully

Antonio Conde, Seidor SAP B1 specialist and responsible of the implementation: “With SAP Business One, Feeding Systems SL (FishFarmFeeder) has a unique and integrated solution that provides complete visibility of your entire business and full control over any related aspect with its operations, gathering all the most important business information and allowing the entire company can access and use it

The installation of SAP B1 has been carried out on our Microsoft Azure platform, which facilitates remote work quickly and safely from our offices and from our factory, in addition to facilitating technical and commercial personnel access to our information systems from any part of the world

For the analysis and visualization of graphic, dynamic and personalized reports, we have successfully implemented the Microsoft Power BI Business Intelligence system, as part of our Office365 licensing, providing the information stored in our system in real time and from any place and device. management and, among other programs, the SAP B1 database

To the implementations of SAP B1, Microsoft Azure and Office365 we have to add the technological improvements in our power systems that allow us to remotely access any feeding system to carry out updates, improvements and maintenance, safely accessing us and our clients over the Internet


Founded in 2008, we manufacture only feeding systems for Aquaculture, feeding all stages of the life of the fish and/or shrimp.


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