50 Ton Feed Barge For Salmon And Other Aquaculture Species

28 September 2022by

Fish Farm Feeder has just completed construction of a barge, built to feed 28 cages. Its versatile design includes 4 feeding lines and 3 silos. This way it is possible to feed four cages simultaneously, allowing feeding each cage with multiple doses and thus contributing to optimize the FCR and SGR of any species in a fish farm.

Small-sized barge, with enormous capacities to feed aquaculture farms

This automated feeding system used for fish farming, compared to others offered in the market, belongs to a small size feed barges, but due to its design and capacity to feed the fish in the sea or in a lake, it offers multiple combinations and usefulness.

FFF Barge Technical Data:

  • Capacity: 50 Tons
  • Overall Length: 16.50 m
  • Beam: 8.22 m
  • Waves: 4 m
  • Software FFF

Custom-made production of feed barges for sea or lake

Feed barge profile drawings
Feed Barge 3D model
Feed barge drawings – top view
3D Feed barge model – top view

Fish Farm Feeder is the only manufacturer of feeding systems for finfish and shrimp farms that customises all its automated feeding systems based on the customer’s needs and guaranteeing a return on investment and maximizing production in a fish farm, whether the fish are grown at sea or on land. As in this case, for a salmon customer in Scotland.

» Aquaculture pontoon details in pictures

  • SILOS: 3 silos with total capacity of 80 m3
Feed barge silos
  • MATRIX-SELECTORS: 4 selectors with 8 outlets, Ø 90 mm each. Total 32 outlets
  • DOSER: 24 customized augers for each type of feeding, eight intermediate hoppers and 8 rotary hoppers.
Dosing units for feeding from feed barge
  • ELECTRICITY: two diesel generators, 100kW each
Second electricity generator - barge for aquaculture
Diesel Generator in Feed barge- Automated fish feeding
  • CABIN: Control cabin and bathroom
Control cabin windows - 50 T Feed Barge
  • Optional Components: CRANE – SOLAR PANEL
Feed barge crane
Crane and solar panels – Feed barge for aquaculture farms

Feed barge for aquaculture farms with small-medium production

The FFF 50-tons feed barge, thanks to its design, offers alternative for small and medium sized fish farm producers. It permits to shift from hand-feeding to automated feeding system at an affordable cost and a return on investment less than 3 years.

This feed barge is designed specifically for Salmon feeding, although it can be customized for other species such as Sea Bass, Sea Bream, Tilapia, Trout, etc. For fish farms with bigger production, Fish Farm Feeder can offer feed barges with capacities from 100 tonnes to 400 tonnes.

FishFarmFeeder is the only global manufacturer of automated feeding systems for all stages of farm fish feeding, on land, in lakes or at sea. Learn more about our products and their benefits for your aquaculture farm!

Founded in 2008, we manufacture only feeding systems for Aquaculture, feeding all stages of the life of the fish and/or shrimp.


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