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No one doubts about the need for automation of feeding in aquaculture. However, for making such an important decision, many questions arise.

Within the Blog Section on the Fish Farm Feeder website, we deal with topics that contribute to clear up doubts, questions or concerns that our users have been raising about aquaculture and feeding systems already for more than a decade.

What are the Most Common Questions about Feeding Automation in Aquaculture?

»Which feeding system is the best for my farm?

In order to be able to give the most adequate answer, it is necessary to know the different types of feeding systems that exist and are used for feeding finfish and shrimp in aquaculture today.

In the following article, we provide information about the most common feeders used in fish farms:

»What should I take into consideration when choosing an automated feeding system?

As almost each fish or shrimp farm is different, it is important to look at elements that influence the design of centralized feeders. Especially feeding requirements that are based on:

  • Stage of fish growth – it means for which of the phases it will be used: hatcheries, pre-grow or ongrowing
  • Type of species
  • Pellet size that farm will use
  • Distance between the feeder and fish tanks
  • Etc.

These criteria influence the materials used to manufacture an automated feeder, as well as the components selected for a centralized feeding system.

The following article breaks down the data that help to customize a feeding system and adapt it to the needs of a farm:

» What will be the return on investment of the centralized feeding system?

To maintain a profitable and sustainable aquaculture business, the feeding system must also contribute to farm economic interests.

Therefore, in respect to farm profitability we dedicate an article on investment in feeding automation. In it, we provide detailed information related to the improvements of profitability due to the feeding automation, applicable to various fish species farmed within the aquaculture sector.

» How is a day-to-day work using feeding system on a farm?

Automated fish feeding is not a recent phenomenon; however, questions related with it always arise. Similar to these ones:

  • How a centralized feeder works?
  • What training the farm personnel should have?
  • etc.

Sharing the knowledge about incorporating an automated feeding system on a farm, from installation to its daily operation, breaks down the following post:

» Other aquaculture-related topics in the FFF BLOG

Knowledge and interests in automated systems can be at different levels, depending on the role of the person at a farm, his/her education, etc. That is why our Blog section about feeding automation in aquaculture tries to deal with various topics and look at them from different angles.

To simplify the orientation in it, it is possible to search by Categories, Tags, etc.

We created our articles with the aim of complementing the available information related to aquaculture and, in particular, to Feeding Systems.

You can access our blog through this link:

Section: Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Although we hope that our posts help to dispel doubts about centralized feeders, on the Fish Farm Feeder website anyone can also find a Frequently Asked Questions Section where we try to clarify other – more specific- topics that may be of interest.

If you have any further questions about feeding systems, no matter whether you are our customer or not, please do not hesitate to send them to us. We will include them to topics about which we will write in the future, either within the Blog or FAQ section, and this way share our solutions publicly, for the benefit of all.

FishFarmFeeder is the only global manufacturer of automated feeding systems for all stages of farm fish feeding, on land, in lakes or at sea. Learn more about our products and their benefits for your aquaculture farm!

Founded in 2008, we manufacture only feeding systems for Aquaculture, feeding all stages of the life of the fish and/or shrimp.


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