Why a Feeder? Advantages of using feed automation systems in aquaculture

5 October 2020by adminfish

Fish farmers who have opted for feeding automation may have decided in order to achieve a substantial improvement in productivity and therefore economic. Obviously we’re talking about business competitiveness. However, there are other benefits that are not negligible, such as sustainability and quality.

Below are some of the Advantages and Benefits that come from automating a fish farm feeding.

Productivity: Optimization and Improvement in Feed and Labor Consumption

Increase productivity automation feeding systems aquaculture

Ensuring that fish and shrimp automatically receive the right amount of food at the right time results in enhanced efficiency by achieving accurate and predictable feeding. It is a safe path to standardization and control over fish or shrimp feeding in a farm. The conceptual design of the automation-based feeding system will result in an improvement in efficiency, which will bring key benefits:

  • FCR (Feed Conversion Ratio) optimization: Reduction of FCR leads to savings and rationalisation.
  • Improvement of SGR (specific growth rate): More growth in less time.
  • Less dependence on labour: …as opposed to absenteeism and inefficiency.
  • Operation 24/7: Feeders only stop for maintenance purposes.
  • Uniform growth in the tank: With the correct distribution of the feed in the tanks, using dispersers integrated into the feeding system, more homogeneous batches of fish or shrimp are achieved.

Financial: Return of Investment in less than Three Years

For a fish farm, investment in specific aquaculture equipment should yield an acceptable return on investment for the farm. The automatic feeders themselves are amortised over a period of less than 3 years. This is a substantial advantage resulting from the following circumstances:

  • Food savings: Optimally distributing the food and optimizing the FCR we will have a direct cost savings in feed consumption.
Return of investment automation feeding systems aquaculture
  • Labor savings: Savings in wage costs with the added possibility of being able to feed the 24 hours.
  • Easy and economic maintenance: Integral maintenance of the feeders to be carried out by the maintenance staff of the fishfarm.

Technological Enhancement: Increasing Efficiency and Improving Quality

Aquaculture feeding systems automation technology

Only a real control of the processes allows the implementation of quality management in aquaculture. That is why the automatic feeders with advanced technology incorporate automatisms and powerful software that guarantee the following benefits:

  • Data integration: Real time connection with farm management software, artificial intelligence, big data, etc.
  • Integration of equipment: With any equipment that provides information to the feeding system that can condition the feeding (temperature, oxygen, PH, turbidity, hydrophones, cameras, etc.).
  • Total control of the production: with real time and historical information of feeding data.
  • Maximum flexibility: in automation for any feeding program.
  • Feed Traceability: Batch Feed Traceability Management.
  • Fish traceability: Management of fish traceability by batch.

Safety and Sustainability: Achieving a Balance Between Aquaculture and the Environment

All of the above must be accompanied by others that are both safe and sustainable and that are environmentally friendly. An automated feeding system implicitly provides the following advantages:

  • High levels of Biosafety: Restricting daily access to the tanks to avoid risks of contamination.
  • Less pollution attributable to aquaculture: By dosing in precise quantity and frequency we avoid the loss of feed, preventing its deterioration and the corresponding contamination.
  • Improvement of fish and/or shrimp welfare.
  • EC regulations: Strict compliance with regulations that guarantee the correct use of power supply systems, ensuring the safety of the worker.

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