Remote Control of a Centralized Feeder for Aquaculture

21 December 2021by

Today almost any item of daily use can be accessed remotely. Therefore, it is not surprising that also in the aquaculture sector, a machinery used in fish farms can be controlled from any place. It happens thanks to technological advancement, but also due to the need of the sector.

Many fish farms (especially offshore) are in isolated areas, too far from any urban area. Accessing remotely not only saves an operator’s commuting time, but also has an ecological impact, no need to use a car.

FFF’s Feeder Remote Access and its Elements

Fish Farm Feeder (FFF) from the beginning of its activity understood the need for remote control of the machinery – in case of FFF of its feeding systems for aquaculture.

Therefore, software of a centralized feeder can be accessed and managed by VPN. Apart of that FFF has developed an application, both for the Android and IOS operating systems, to use the most frequent functions of an automated feeding system from any part of the world.

So, what functions offers the FFF’s app?

1. Turning off the machine remotely

On some occasions, the need to turn off the automated feeder may arise. That is why the application incorporates the possibility to switch off the feeding system.

2. Alerts and alarms information in real time

Knowing the status of the feeder and being able to access to the latest data is the next function of the FFF mobile application. In this way the operator is informed if something unforeseen has occurred. If it were the case, the corresponding alerts or alarms would be shown.

3. Refreshing feeder status

As a logical consequence of possible anomalies about which the fish farm staff is informed in the form of alerts, the FFF application allows to refresh the machine and that way return to a standard working operation of the feeder.

4. Information about silos

It is very important to know if the automated system works well. In case of a feeder for aquaculture it is also necessary to have information on the status of the silos to guarantee scheduled fish or shrimp feeding. The mobile application offers data on the amount of feed available in each silo connected to the feeder.

5. Information on other elements connected / linked to the FFF software

As the FFF software permits connecting other elements that affect the feeding or well-being of the fish, such as oxygen or temperature sensors, the application also allows access to data related with these products.

Remote Control of Fish Feeding in Fish Farms
Remote Control Feed App Aquaculture
Remote Control Automated Feeding System App Fish Farm Feeder

Complementary Functions of Remote APP Control of FFF Feeders

»Configurator of a new feeder

As FFF centralized feeders are custom-made for each farm, the application includes the option to submit feeding requirements, based on which a new feeder is designed.

Therefore, this function can be useful both for FFF customers who want to expand the farm, but also for anybody interested in automating and feeding finfish or shrimp farm centrally.


At the time when access to farms is limited only to internal staff (as in case of Covid restrictions and protocols), we understand that contact with existing and potential customers can work virtually. However, we combine online communication with attending fairs,

whenever it is possible. This way clients or anybody interested in FFF’s products could learn about the products in person.

For this reason, the Fairs section allows the user to be informed about the upcoming fairs of the aquaculture sector at which FFF will show its products.

Our team is at your disposal for any questions about the remote control of feeding systems in fish farms with the FFF APP or about the products offered by FFF. Contact Us!

Founded in 2008, we manufacture only feeding systems for Aquaculture, feeding all stages of the life of the fish and/or shrimp.


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