Software for Automated Feeding Systems in Aquaculture

30 March 2021by adminfish

An Automatic Feeding System, apart of the feeding equipment, requires a powerful and complete software. It should allow to program the feeding cycle according to different values and parameters that can be:

  • Internal: stored in the database such as biomass, number of fish, amount of feed, feeding tables, etc.
  • External: real time sensors reading (for oxygen, temperature, etc.) or information stored in other management and / or production programs.

Fish Farm Feeder (FFF) includes to all FFF’s centralized feeding systems used in aquaculture a software specifically designed to program, manage and monitor the automatic feeding cycle of any fish or shrimp farm.

Feeding Parameters

In an automated fish feeding system all the parameters that influence the feeding must be updated in real time. Only that way it is possible to obtain the maximum feeding optimization. Among the main ones we may include the following:

  • Feeding tables – They indicate the amount of feed to be supplied based on the size of the fish and the water temperature, as well as the increase in daily biomass based on the FCR.
  • Dosing Table – it allows programming time and amount of each individual dose.
  • Biomass – this data is available by multiplying the number of fish by their average weight.
  • Temperature, Oxygen, PH, Turbidity – Values that can be read from external sensors and that intervene in the calculation of each dose.
  • Feed – so the feeding system knows what type and size of feed to give in each dose.
  • Fish and Feed Lot – This data helps to manage the traceability of each batch of fish and feed.

Fish Farm Feeder reflects in its software all these parameters, so the fish or shrimp farm can manage these information.

Feeding Software

A Feeding Software guarantees that the farmed fish or shrimp will receive a feed in a certain period of time, respecting the amount of previously programmed feed and deliver it to a concrete tank or cage.

Each fish species and even each aquaculture farm has its unique feeding schedule, so the Software of an Automatic Feeding System must allow the creation of fully customizable Feeding Programs in which the following data must be possible to set up:

  • Feeding time
  • Number and Quantity of each individual dose that should be delivered to the tank
  • Feed Type and its size (It could be one size or simultaneously several feed size types)

In the case of the Fish Farm Feeder Software, it is designed to be used for all species and all types of feed (live or dry feed), regardless of the feed manufacturer.

In addition it offers access to previous feeding lists and generates reports.

Integration with other Management and Production Software

Each fish or shrimp farm has its own management, production or SCADAs software. Therefore the providers of automated feeding systems have to facilitate the integration of their software with the systems that are used at a farm.

At Fish Farm Feeder (FFF), our Software Development Department, work together with the client to ensure full integration of FFF software (access to our database, WEB API, OPC Server, etc.).

Benefits of Fish Farm Feeder Software

In addition to the advantages of Automated Feeding Systems and the possibility of interacting with external elements such as Probes or other programs, we would highlight:
should allow to program the feeding cycle according to different values and parameters that can be:

  • Access to feeding lists’ backup, which allows to analyse the feeding data in detail.
  • Ability to program the feeding cycle remotely
  • Real-time monitoring of the feeding system through a SCADA
  • Real-time monitoring of the feeding system through an APP, which guarantees the control and information of the fish feeding from anywhere.
App for fish feeding monitoring at fish farms.

More information about our software for automated feeding systems follow the link.

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