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9 February 2024by Jana

Fish Farm Feeder (FFF), the only global manufacturer of automatic feeding systems for all stages of fish and shrimp feeding, is proud to announce the new Regional Director America, Luis-Felipe Díaz. With extensive experience in the aquaculture sector, Felipe has joined our team to lead FFF activities in America from February 1, 2024, establishing our new regional headquarters in Chile.


Luis-Felipe Díaz is a veterinary doctor, specialist in aquaculture with more than thirty years of experience in the team management and systems in aquaculture production, genetics, reproduction, production and processes of salmonids. Decades of experience dedicated to the design and operations of fish farms, RAS systems and sustainable processes in aquaculture.

«We are excited about the new position focused on the American market that Felipe is going to assume. A great person with deep knowledge and experience in aquaculture, with whose incorporation we are committed to having a local presence throughout America. And that way being closer to our clients and the aquaculture sector,” highlighted Miguel Arostegui, CEO of Fish Farm Feeder.

Felipe will assume responsibility for FFF’s commercial strategy and technical support to our network of distributors in the American continent, ensuring excellent service to existing customers and exploring new opportunities in the region.

«It is a tremendous challenge that I take on with enthusiasm. The aquaculture of surprising species opens up for me and with them the need to continue learning and improving. With FFF, I not only share the technical aspects, we have a common expectation for the world’s aquaculture and a permanent attitude to solve its needs. Working on it as part of a top-level team is a great personal reward,” stated Felipe.

Oficina FFF en Chile

Contact Data:

felipe.diaz (@)

Tel:+56 9 9165 1418

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