Small Feed Barge of 40 Tons for Offshore fish farms

15 March 2020by administrator

FishFarmFeeder is already manufacturing the first steel pontoon for small and medium-sized fish farms at sea or in lakes, whose construction will be completed in the 2nd quarter of 2020. With an estimated capacity of 35 Tons, the new pontoon will have the following characteristics:

  • Silos: 4 of 11m3 (approximately 35 Tons)
  • Selectors: 2 of 8 outputs with 75mm diameter
  • Blowers: 2 of 15kW
  • Feeding ratio: from 25 Kg / minute
  • Size: 15m length x 4.5m sleeve
Feed Barge FFF
Feed Barge FFF 2020

To facilitate its commercialization, FishFarmFeeder will offer 3 manufacturing and supply modalities, with which we intend to reach any fish farm of sea or lake anywhere in the world

  1. Manufacture and construction in our factories in Spain, being able to transport the pontoon, thanks to its design and measurements, by land (authorized for transport by road) or by sea
  2. Supply of the ponton in parts and components for assembly anywhere in the world under our coordination and supervision
  3. Manufacture and construction of the ponton anywhere in the world under our coordination and supervision

With this small, intelligent and autonomous automatic pontoon FishFarmFeeder makes available to small and medium-sized farms the possibility of centrally and automatically feeding their cages with an acceptable and amortizable investment in a short period of time

As with the rest of the feeding systems that we manufacture, this pontoon can be customized for each client, the client not having to adapt his way of feeding the pontoon, but the pontoon will be made to measure for the client

Feed Barge drawingPlano Barcaza Alimentacion 40 Toneladas


With this feeding system FishFarmFeeder completes the most extensive catalog of feeding systems for aquaculture, with feeding systems that cover all stages of the fish’s life, from hatcheries to fattening at sea and on land

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Founded in 2008, we manufacture only feeding systems for Aquaculture, feeding all stages of the life of the fish and/or shrimp.


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