Maintenance and Technical Support of an Aquaculture Feeding System

23 March 2023by Jana

At Fish Farm Feeder we are aware that the automation of the feeding process in aquaculture sector brings innumerable advantages and benefits. We also keep in mind that feeding in a fish farm can never stop.

That is the reason why our feeders use components provided by main manufacturers in each area.  Companies with a global commercial presence and technical support, such as:

  • Kaeser in the case of Blowers, Compressors and Coolers
  • Rockwell and Allen-Bradley in Automation
  • SEW in Motors and Invertors
  • WAM in the case of Screw Conveyors

We expect that an automated feeding system should last at least 10 years, located either on land or on sea. Therefore, to ensure its correct operation it is as important to protect it, as well as to carry out regular MAINTENANCE. In addition, a technical SUPPORT provided by Fish Farm Feeder can help fish farm workers to resolve any type of incident.

MAINTENANCE of automated feeders for aquaculture

Maintenance and technical support for feeding systems FishFarmFeeder

The feeding systems designed by Fish Farm Feeder are manufactured the way that their maintenance can be done in general by the customer. Among the main tasks of the personnel of a fish or shrimp farm is greasing, replacement of elements due to use or wear, cleaning (machine, pipes and silos), etc.

If ordered by client, Fish Farm Feeder experts visit the farm. Its aim is to check the state of the feeder and recommend actions that guarantee its correct operation for long time.

For some of the components used in automated feeders for aquaculture farming, such as blowers, once the warranty period has passed, maintenance can be contracted directly with the manufacturer.

INTERVENTIONS by personnel of the aquaculture farm

Regular maintenance guarantees the correct operation of an automated feeder. However, there are external factors that may require ad hoc interventions by personnel from the fish farm. Normally such situations can be resolved immediately.

Blockage in the feeding circuit is the main cause of staff interventions at a fish farm and can occur at various points of feed distribution. For example  at the time of loading a silo, pieces of cloth, plastic or other objects can fall into it and have impact on the smooth flow of pellets to the fish tanks. Humidity or pressure could cause that the feed can be compacted and, together with power cuts during feeding, it can block the pellet distribution during dosing or in pipes.

These incidents are always resolved by the personnel of the fish farm since the design of the Fish Farm Feeder machines allows the option of temporarily disabling parts of the machine (dosing system or pipes) while the system continues feeding.

Forms of technical support for aquaculture farms with automated feeding

Fish Farm Feeder, together with its network of distributors, offer different types of technical support for customers with automated feeding systems supplied and installed by FFF technicians. The response time varies according to the type of contracted service. It can be provided on demand or through a maintenance contract.


ONSITE maintenance support for aquaculture feeding systemsby FishFarmFeeder

If circumstances so require, Fish Farm Feeder staff or experts of our network of distributors trained in FFF facilities, will visit the customer at the farm.


Remote control as technical support in maintenance - FFF feeding systems

From our technical support center, we are able remotely access different elements of the automated feeders on the farm. In some cases, it is enough to access the computer with installed FFF feeding software. If necessary, we can also connect with the automaton of the feeding system. This allows us to know what happens at any time and accurately detect if any electrical, electronic or mechanical element is giving an error.

» ONLINE CONSULTATIONS – phone call, chat, video

Online support–phone call-chat-video-feeding systems aquaculture by FFF

For doubts, queries or interventions that are easier to resolve, our technicians can hold a voice and/or video conference. The quickest way that allows saving time when solving any incident on the farm.


FAQ and online training for feeding systems in aquaculture-FFF

On the Fish Farm Feeder website it is possible to consult the most frequently asked questions related to automated feeding of fish or shrimp farming. The FAQs section includes answers to many of the questions related to the maintenance of the feeding system.

In addition, we are working on a section with training and explanatory videos to make it easier for the user to use and maintain the different components used in automated feeding systems for fish farms.

FishFarmFeeder is the only manufacturer worldwide that covers all feeding stages of fin fish and shrimp, for land or sea based systems. Learn more about our products and their benefits for your aquaculture farm!


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